Barbershop Carmine....una antica storia fatta di lamette e sorrisi!

Ariano Irpino/ Italy - The return of an ancient tradition – that of the barber-hairdresser for men seemed like a lost profession, and instead it is experiencing a great revival. Especially in big cities, but also in small towns, there are more and more openings of the classic barber shops, where men have their hair and beards served.

Previously, it was a matter of course for women and men to have their hair treated in separate hairdressing salons. Then, in the 80s, the unisex hairdressing began to take hold and was an instant success. In contrast, the traditional barbershop for men was almost unobtainable. Only in recent years, in line with the hipster movement, has there been a revival of the classic barbershop, especially for beard care, which has come back into fashion.

Profession and lifestyle for men - Barber Carmine HS

What should the "man" expect when he goes to an old-fashioned barbershop, especially in southern Italy? Great craft combined with Italian passion and phlegm. The shop is a meeting point for men of all ages, but it is above all the younger generation who attach importance to a well-groomed beard and an impeccable cut. Chat on men's topics and a coffee are included in the price. The “Carmine HS” barbershop offers customers the atmosphere of a retro environment with the understated design of the 1950s.

HARO laminate flooring and retro style

A salon only for men adapts to male taste even in interior design; here you would look in vain for pastel colours, decorations or trinkets. Dark natural tones, clinker tiles on the walls and retro-style leather sofas give the 70 m² living room a vigorous but at the same time welcoming air. The HARO Laminate Floor with the 'Impressed Chestnut' decor matches both modern furniture and old furnishings inherited from grandparents. The brushed finish of the floor beautifully complements the retro shop decor and furniture and gives an impression of relaxed tranquillity.

In commercial premises such as this, all the qualities of HARO Laminate Floor Tritty 100 come to the fore. The elegant surface hides an extremely robust structure that is not afraid of heavy furniture or the constant comings and goings of people. Obviously it is essential in a hairdressing and barber salon that cleaning the floor is as simple and fast as possible. The floor is swept a hundred times a day and in the evening there is daily cleaning to be done. With the clean&green products from Hamberger Flooring, specially developed for HARO floors, the laminate floor remains as new and its maintenance is child's play.

HARO laminate flooring from Germany's largest parquet manufacturer in a barbershop in southern Italy: quality and tradition from top to bottom.


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