If you have come across companies, sites or retailers that offer you a 10/15% more parquet than you buy, be very careful, especially if it is parquet at very affordable prices (no one gives you anything). This offer is made to you as it is a waste parquet (in addition to the third choice), many togas will be full of open knots, paint defects, silicon, unsightly stains, scalibration and much more, this is never explicitly told, Do these companies protect themselves from your possible dispute by declaring that they have sent you more material? To allow your posers to discard defective robes, the most accurate term for this type of sale? SCAM!

We advise you to pay another particular attention to VAT and transport, who knows why when you present very appetizing prices and offers you never talk about these charges, it almost seems that you do not have to pay them, yet the VAT to be paid is not a 'derisory addition, let's talk about 20% more, the transport then? An expense that seems almost at the discretion of the seller and can in some cases increase the price per square meter of our floor by even another 20%. So pay close attention when offers are made to you or you happen on unclear e-commerce sites, you may receive bitter surprises.

What company guarantees our floor? Have you never had this doubt? Well, it has not yet been understood why 90% of those who offer you an online parquet purchase avoid indicating the BRAND, yet it is the most important thing to be part of our own purchase, if we are dealing with a serious producer or not, If we are going to buy a Chinese parquet rather than an Italian one, if the factory still exists or has been closed etc. These are questions that are very difficult to find answers to. In fact, a reason why the manufacturer is not indicated to you would be there, indeed more than one, for example to prevent competition from procuring from the same manufacturer or simply because the manufacturer does not wish to sell their products online as a business philosophy, But most of the time it is because it is imported products without certification, often harmful to our health and our children.

The choices of wooden floors are a real odyssey for those who do not know the product and do not want to have poor goods trimmed. It is important to know that the class of appearance of the product (striped, flamed, knotted, etc.) Should not be confused with the quality of the same, in fact someone could sell a defective product that does not present knots passing it by first choice, this is a mischief that you will have to try to avoid, always ask the retailers beyond the choice that the product does not present any defect or painting or in the joints. In some cases a dashboard with big knots could cost even more than a striped dashboard, this is absolutely legitimate because to obtain a final appearance of particular aesthetic value requires a rather demanding processing that requires the use of a knotted wood instead of a striped. It is important that in the description of a product it is absolutely indicated the quality and the origin rather than the class of appearance (you can deregard that from the images, as long as they are not deceptive). The striped choices hardly exist anymore, know that a flamed stripe is already considered a selected choice. The rustic choices can present small defects even painting as the presence of open knot or healthy sapwood could cause slight streaks, this must never, however, be the subject of a poor or unacceptable final appearance.

The European community establishes that a pre-finished parquet must not have less than 2.5mm of exposed noble wood below which it is considered PIALLACCIO. In some cases it should not in any way weigh this detail or compromise your purchase as there are prefinite (we are talking about floating ones) where it is preferable to replace the product once worn rather than detect it, this both in terms of costs (very high) and final appearance (You will never get the appearance of the floor like when you bought it, especially if it is dyed or brushed). As for the parquet to be glued instead the thickness of the noble wood is quite important because in the future it is preferable to detect it (it always depends on how much we paid for it) rather than replace it (unnecking it from the ground is an inhuman undertaking). Some crafty people could talk to you about "noble at the origin" or "NOMINALIU, be careful, at the origin or nominal it means before being polished in the factory to precalibrate it, for our opinion in this way we could really give the numbers, so let you say how noble the floor has a finished product. For information purposes, we would like to point out that the BARLINEK boards have all, no type excluded, from 3 to 3.5mm of noble wood, this as we have noticed that some resellers have the product as having 4mm of noble wood (even if they do not indicate the brand), If a barlinek or sub-brand product of the same should arrive at your home, know that it complies with what we have anticipated, recognize that it is BARLINEK as the sizes of the robes are 130/180/207/210x14/15x1092/1100/2200.

Going around the internet in search of a parquet for your home will surely have happened some site that indicated the number of layers of UV paint spread on their product, know that more layers of paint are spread on the parquet so much more? The finish becomes shiny, smooth and silky. The best products in the world (and we are talking about classic two-layer parquet) are not finished with more than 8/9 hands of Veil Paint or in any case it never exceeds 100/150g per square meter, apart from that the more paint there is on the parquet the more the cost of the latter is high but it is still impossible, For a variety of reasons, to overcome these quantities as the paint would begin to scrape or spellicular and to create a long series of other problems. It is easy for someone to offer you absurdities like floors with 13 and more layers of paint, do not drink such nonsense, you have come across people who are not serious or scammers unless they are manufacturers that can certify these characteristics, always ask for a technical data sheet of the product as a guarantee, Know in addition to having a good finish and an optimal resistance more than many coats of paint you need more impregnating bottom coats (generally from 4 to 6 hands spread roller guarantee a good result). However, it is impossible to establish how many layers of paint there are on a wooden floor except with the help of very expensive and sophisticated machinery, so rest assured, rather expect a non-toxic and high quality paint, in our opinion even better if oil natural or uv.

On the internet lately it happens too often to come across slogans such as "parquet producers" or "wood floor manufacturers", make sure that it is actually so?, Producers cannot sell directly to private individuals unless they do "ONLY" that, There are scammers of all kinds around who pretend to be producers but import from China without producing a single parquet board. Making parquet requires experience, organization and large investments.

The samples of the floor that you like are and must be free when available and without exceeding in the request, the costs to be incurred by the customer must only cover the transport costs (in our case they are 9.90 euros on delivery with courier GLS), Pay close attention to those who offer you samples for a fee in addition to the transport costs, the samples in general are pieces of 30/60 cm or at most the equivalent of a whole toga, their cost in general? Derisory on the part of the retailer who in any case amortizes with any sales, pay attention to those who propose the purchase. An example: if eternal parquet sold its samples at 4/5 euros per piece in addition to transport, sending an average of 10/15 samples per week with an average of two robes per pack, it could also earn up to 500 euros per month... Well, how would you define this sale?

The invoice? Your right, you are obliged to always ask for it together with your purchase, avoid asking retailers not to do it, you would lose all rights and guarantees about your purchase and in any case you would commit a crime. We remind you that the state not only condemns the retailer but also you in the same way.

Before making a purchase on the internet, do you do a little google search to check the series? Of the retailer, phone calls to any of the owners of brands distributed by them, look for news on discussion forums, phone calls to the supplier's bank, buy a hardwood floor? A rather demanding expense, make sure you do not take rip-off!

Absolutely not! Just who buys on the internet thinking they have made the deal of the century that takes the worst of cold showers, the internet? A tool you need to search for what your city? It fails to offer, which is used to compare the prices that the shopkeeper under the house has practiced on us, which helps us to find a specific product to our needs, maybe it is the shopkeeper near the house who has it and we find out thanks to the internet. Do not look for the lowest price, rather look for the most serious seller, more explicit pictures, more detailed descriptions etc. Do not be submerged by millions of samples from half of Italy, you would waste time and money, even losing the deal. It doesn't take much to overheat, if you find an interesting stock, focus on it, you might lose it due to too much waiting.

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