If you have come across companies, sites or retailers that offer you 10/15% more parquet than you buy, be very careful, especially if it is parquet at very affordable prices (no one gives you anything). This offer is made to you because it is waste parquet (beyond the third choice), many gowns will be full of open knots, paint defects, silicon, unsightly stains, scaling and much more, this is never explicitly told to you, these companies protect themselves against your eventual dispute by declaring that they have sent you extra material? to allow your fitters to discard the defective robes, the most accurate term to define this type of sale? FRAUD!

We advise you to pay further particular attention to VAT and transport, who knows why when very appetizing prices and offers are presented to us, these charges are never mentioned, it almost seems as if you don't have to pay them, yet the VAT to be paid is not a negligible addition, let's talk about 20% more, then the transport? An expense that almost seems at the seller's discretion and can in some cases increase the price per square meter of our floor by another 20%. So pay close attention when offers are made or you come across unclear e-commerce sites, you could receive bitter surprises.

Which company guarantees our floor? Have you ever had this doubt? Well, it is not yet understood why 90% of those who offer you an online parquet purchase avoid indicating the BRAND, yet it is the most important part of our own purchase, whether we are dealing with a serious manufacturer or not , if we are about to buy a Chinese parquet rather than an Italian one, if the factory still exists or has been closed, etc. These are questions that you will hardly be able to find an answer to. In fact, there would be a reason why the manufacturer is not indicated, indeed more than one, for example to prevent the competition from sourcing from the same manufacturer or simply because the manufacturer does not want to sell its products online as a company philosophy, but most of the time it is because they are imported products without certifications, often harmful to our health and that of our children.

The choices of wooden floors are a real odyssey for those who don't know the product and don't want to be trimmed with shoddy goods. It is important to know that the appearance class of the product (striped, flamed, knotted, etc.) must not be confused with the quality of the same, in fact someone could sell a defective product that does not have knots passing it as first choice, this is a cunning that you will have to try to avoid, always ask the retailers beyond the choice that the product does not present any defects in the paint or in the joints. In some cases a plank with large knots could cost even more than a striped plank, this is absolutely legitimate as to obtain a final aspect of particular aesthetic value a rather demanding process is required which requires the use of knotted wood instead of one striped. It is important that in the description of a product the quality and origin are absolutely indicated rather than the class of appearance (you can deduce that from the images, provided they are not misleading). Striped choices almost no longer exist, know that a striped + flamed is already considered a selected choice. The rustic choices may also have small defects in the varnishing as the presence of an open knot or sound sapwood could cause slight mottling, however this must never be the subject of a poor or unacceptable final appearance.

The European community establishes that a prefinished parquet must not have less than 2.5 mm of visible noble wood below which it is considered VENEER. In some cases this detail should in no way weigh or compromise your purchase as there are pre-finished parts (we are talking about floating ones) where it is preferable to replace the product once it is worn out rather than re-polishing it, both in terms of costs (very high) and of final appearance (you will never get the look of the floor as when you bought it, especially if it is stained or brushed). As far as glued parquet is concerned, however, the thickness of the noble wood is quite important as in the future it is preferable to re-polish it (always depends on how much we paid for it) rather than replace it (unsticking it from the ground is an inhumane undertaking). Some smartass could tell you about "nobile all'origine" or "NOMINALIU, be careful, at the origin or nominal it means before being smoothed in the factory to pre-calibrate it, in our opinion in this way we could really give the numbers, so let me tell you how noble the floor has in the finished product.For information purposes only, we would like to inform you that BARLINEK planks all have, without exception, from 3 to 3.5 mm of noble wood, this as we have noticed that some retailers present the product as having 4mm of noble wood (even if they do not indicate the brand), if a barlinek or sub-brand product of the same arrives at your home, know that it complies with what we have anticipated, recognize that it is BARLINEK as the measurements of the robes they are 130/180/207/210x14/15x1092/1100/2200.

Browsing the internet in search of a parquet for your home, you will surely have come across some site that indicated the number of layers of UV varnish applied to their product, be aware that the more layers of varnish are applied to the parquet, the more? the finish becomes shiny, smooth and silky. The best products in the world (and we are talking about classic two-layer parquet) are not finished with more than 8/9 coats of icing varnish or in any case never exceed 100/150g per square meter, apart from the fact that there is more varnish is on the parquet plus the cost of the latter is high but it is in any case impossible, for a series of various reasons, to exceed these quantities as the varnish would begin to peel or peel off and create a long series of other problems. It is easy for someone to offer you nonsense such as floors with 13 and more layers of paint, do not buy such nonsense, you have come across unserious people or scammers unless it is a matter of manufacturing companies that can certify these characteristics, ask anyway always a technical data sheet of the product as a guarantee, in addition to having a good finish and optimal resistance, more than many coats of paint, several coats of impregnating base are needed (usually 4 to 6 coats applied with a roller guarantee a good result) . However, it is impossible to establish how many layers of paint there are on a wooden floor if not with the help of very expensive and sophisticated machinery, so don't worry, rather expect a non-toxic and high quality paint, in our opinion even better if oil natural or uv.

On the internet lately it happens too often to come across slogans such as "parquet producers" or "manufacturers of wooden floors", make sure that this is actually the case, producers cannot sell directly to private individuals unless they do "ONLY" that, there are all kinds of scammers around who pretend to be manufacturers but import from China without producing a single parquet board. Manufacturing parquet requires experience, organization and large investments.

The samples of the floor you like are and must be free when available and without exceeding the request, the costs to be incurred by the customer must cover the transport costs only (in our case they are 9.90 euros cash on delivery with GLS courier ), pay close attention to those who offer you paid samples in addition to the transport costs, the samples are generally pieces of 30/60 cm or at most the equivalent of a whole toga, their cost in general? negligible on the part of the retailer who in any case pays off with any sales, pay attention to whoever proposes the purchase. An example: if eternal parquet were to sell its samples at 4/5 euros per piece plus shipping, by sending an average of 10/15 samples a week with an average of two robes per pack, it could earn up to 500 euros a month... Well, how would you define this sale?

The invoice? Your right, you are obliged to always ask for it together with your purchase, avoid asking retailers not to do it, you would lose all rights and guarantees on your purchase and in any case you would commit a crime. We remind you that the state not only condemns the retailer but also you as well.

Before making a purchase on the internet, do you do a little google research to verify the series? Of the retailer, call any of the owners of brands they distribute, look up news on the discussion forums, call the supplier's bank, buy a wooden floor? A rather demanding expense, make sure you don't get ripped off!

Absolutely no! Just who buys on the internet thinking they've made the deal of the century that takes the worst of cold showers, the internet? A tool you need to search for what your city? It fails to offer, which serves to compare the prices that the shopkeeper near the house has charged us, which helps us find a specific product for our needs, perhaps it is the shopkeeper near the house who has it and we find out thanks to the internet . Don't look for the lowest price, rather look for the most serious seller, the most explicit images, the most detailed descriptions, etc. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by millions of small samples from half of Italy, you would waste time and money, also losing the deal. Hedging around isn't going to help much, if you find an interesting stock focus on it, you could lose it due to too much waiting.

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