Bjelin la tecnologia vera e propria arriva dalla Croazia

It's called Bjelin, it's a Croatian manufacturer of wooden floors with such advanced technology that in some ways it might seem futuristic, starting from the use of paints with unimaginable resistance up to water-repellent supports passing through herringbones with floating installation. Everything seems strange looking at a toga of their floors but only one thing is certain, they last a lifetime, they are easy to lay, they are extremely ecological and..... they are beautiful!

Bjelin patents any technology at home regardless of the world around it and burning the competition on many fronts.

In the images you can admire some Italian plugs with click technology and floating installation, the width is only 6.9cm and the length 35cm, think that until now the floating plug installation was considered impossible even for much larger boards, let alone for such small strips, above all it is certified even on heated substrates.

The company headquarters are in Ogulin, a beautiful town of 15,000 inhabitants a few km from the Adriatic coast, where you can admire a beautiful castle and taste incredible local specialities.

Price of plugs €59 per m2 including VAT

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pontarini Walter

pontarini Walter

prezzi pavimenti in prefinito in legno

antonino puzzolo

antonino puzzolo

vorrei sapere di piu …su tipologie di legno tecniche di pose e costi se masselli o prefinit e cataloghi

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