i Parquet FIEMME 3000 non sono solo belli...fanno bene!

Imagine arriving home, opening the door and entering, leaving behind the noises of the city to immerse yourself in a safe, healthy and solid place....

This is how Fiemme 3000 likes to present itself, and who can blame him? we have created environments with their parquet and when you are inside, even just breathing makes you feel good, you have the feeling of being in the middle of a wood, you even hear the sound of the leaves.... Fiemme has spent years creating floors which do not proudly bring the satisfaction of being Natural and Ecological, but that of being even beneficial for the body, born from the forests of Val Di Fiemme and far from polluting sources, are protected by several coats of oil made with balsamic and healing ingredients . Having a Fiemme floor at home means feeling better, breathing better, concentrating better, relaxing better and eliminating daily stress....and then...they are BEAUTIFUL! from elm to oak passing through walnut and teak, cared for by craftsmen who draw every feature. Come and discover them with us.... from Eternal Parquet.

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