Marco ha appena finito di posare una plancia HARO in stock! SPETTACOLO!!!

Sometimes the real deal can be seen once the floor has been laid and not during the purchase, a HARO Universal oiled oak plank purchased for only € 44.90 including VAT can only be appreciated after installation and is worth every penny, yes however, it is a 4000 series with 4mm of noble wood, click joint and undisputed quality, ecological and made with very precious oak, obviously Marco's hand in all of this counts for a lot since the installation is half-beauty when it comes to Parquet. We are in Melfi, a charming town in Basilicata, laying on a heated substrate, the work is finished, we just need to grout the white skirting boards (40x10 white lacquered) and then we go away and let our customer enjoy the new floor ...... also this time it's done!

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