Parket Manufacture di HARO, il tuo sogno on demand è tra noi!

HARO is a German company capable of making practically any type of wooden floor and on the basis of this faculty it has decided to offer its customers a practically unlimited and "ON DEMAND" production service, precisely to satisfy any whim or request . Whether it is Oak, Walnut or Ash, antique or reclaimed Oak, whether it is 300 or 120 wide, straight or herringbone, Haro can finish them with planing, gouging, hammering, woodworming, deep brushing, bevelling on two or 4 sides and much more ....not to mention the hand-applied OLEOVERA finish, a superior quality perfumed and balsamic oil that gives HARO floors an indescribable light and beauty.

From today at ETERNAL PARQUET the ON DEMAND floors can not only be admired on display but can even be booked at a truly incredible price.


Those who constantly strive for the best, who expect the best from themselves and give their best every day, want to surround themselves with the best materials. An exclusive floor from our parkettmanufaktur range offers the best possible quality for your home. Enjoy pure luxury underfoot. An individual, handcrafted premium floor made from carefully selected woods that appeals to all the senses.

Your decision in favor of modern naturalness, traditional quality and maximum individuality is a lifelong decision.

Wood offers an unrivaled aesthetic. A floor covering made of fine woods gives your rooms a unique ambience. Add a creative touch to your home with fresh ideas, such as creating a modern parquet floor with an old building material, such as vintage oak which is around 300 years old. The individualisation of classic craftsmanship transforms your parquet into a truly unique creation. And the naturally oiled surfaces make even the slightest touch of the floor surface a sensory experience.

No matter how high your expectations are, they will certainly be met by our parkettmanufaktur by HARO.

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