REPOX Two-component epoxy-polyurethane adhesive (9+1) Vermeister

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Art. 500200

Bucket 10Kg (9+1)

New generation two-component epoxy-polyurethane adhesive for gluing wooden floors of any size on cement substrates, even radiant, and non-absorbent (ceramic, stoneware, marble, etc.), and ideal for laying pre-finished parquet and planks. A real evolution: REPOX asserts itself in a new version with an improved
rheology for easier spreadability and perfect edge hold. REPOX is characterized by almost no sensitivity to temperature variations (seasonality), the total absence of odor before and after mixing, excellent sealing and wettability in any environmental condition. The high coefficient of elasticity after hardening completes the characteristics of the revolutionary REPOX adhesive while offering unsurpassed adhesion and toughness characteristics.

To obtain effective and long-lasting bonding, the substrate must meet the following requirements:
- humidity lower than or equal to 2% measured in depth with a carbide hygrometer;
- absence of hygroscopic lightening materials in the screed and adequate insulation if these materials are contained in the underlying layers;
- adequate surface finish, not too "coarse" and not too smooth;
- absence of inconsistent or dusty parts;
- absence of loose cracks or other evident defects.
Before carrying out the installation it is also necessary to check that the humidity of the wood is in balance with that of the environment. Shake component B and pour it into component A. Mix carefully with an electric stirrer. Apply REPOX with the appropriate notched trowel taking care to "work" the adhesive in order to incorporate any impurities
of the substrate which could cause detachments. Lay the planks applying strong pressure and "beating" them to optimize their adjustment. Do not wet the tops of the tablets with REPOX but use, for this operation, a Vermeister single-component vinyl glue. Also in this case it is absolutely to avoid gluing on the sides. For laying on pre-existing floors, it is necessary to proceed with degreasing and roughening with the appropriate metal discs. For laying on anhydrite screeds it is necessary to remove the surface layer of the screed with abrasive discs (16 or 24 grit), eliminate the dust and complete the treatment with a Vermeister primer, single-component polyurethane or two-component epoxy. The same procedure (with the exception of the removal of the surface patina which must be carried out only if really necessary) also applies to all screeds made with self-levelling cement premixes, to reduce their absorbency which could compromise the hardening of the adhesive. Before sanding and finishing the floors, it is necessary to wait, under normal conditions, no less than 3 days. This time can increase depending on many factors (temperature ed
environmental humidity, essence...). Although REPOX does not contain water, before proceeding with the finish it is necessary to measure the humidity of the wood which must be in balance with that of the environment and in any case between 8 and 12%. Residues of fresh glue on the prefinished parquet can be removed during installation with our CLEANER product, unless contraindicated by the floor manufacturer.

Do not apply the product below 10°C and above 30°C. Fear the frost

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