Promonwood wooden skirting board 70x10 in 23 essences, pack of 100 linear meters

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100 Linear Meters of Promonwood Skirting Boards by "De Checchi Luciano" 70x10mm veneered in single layer on laminated conifer in over 23 different essences at the absurd price of €3.49 per linear meter including VAT and transport.

Calmly choose the color or essence you are looking for directly from the DE CHECCHI portal.


- Medium Walnut (Palatine)

- Light Walnut

- Natural Tanganyika walnut

- Nocino

- Dark walnut (Nevegal)

- Modern Walnut

- Blue Maple

- European Maple

- Gray Maple

- Pink Maple

- US Maple

- Cherry tree

- Doussi?

- Beech tree

- White Beech

- Beech Brown

- Iroko

- Mahogany-Merbau

- Pine Sweden

- Oak

- Antique Oak


- Weng? Grey

Do you want to embellish your skirting board?

C omplete it with a magnificent silver or GOLD colored satin aluminum insert by adding just €250.00 more? on the total price.


To get this material you have to wait 5 to 8 working days, the photos reflect exactly what? the product, we have put many of the highest quality, the rest can be found in the description.

Packaging and packaging:

24ml packs (10 bars of 2.40ml each)


This product is included in the financing for energy saving on renovations and is ? therefore tax deductible (IRPEF) at 55%, contact us to find out more.

NB skirting boards generally do not arrive "certified" at the ends and, in addition to having to be cut, they may also present small imperfections due to transport (the heads are not usually packaged) or to the painting cycle (paint may have dripped onto the head which prevents normal adhesion), therefore it is normal practice to have to protrude them by at least 1cm during installation. This is typical of all types of skirting boards on the market.

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