Elite del gusto sceglie Eternal Parquet

Today the demand for organic food products or from small crops and agricultural farms is increasingly frequent, more and more temples of Gourmet gastronomy are born but often industrial products artfully disguised are always hidden behind them. ELITE DEL GUSTO is constantly looking for food products with very high standards, cured meats and cheeses are practically incomparable, a truly precious place of worship for those who love to eat well and healthy.

To start up their Alimentari, the Zecchino brothers chose the experience and quality of the products offered by Eternal Parquet, such as the unwearable Swiss laminate by KRONOSWISS from the Prestige line and covering the walls with a planed effect plank by the German Kaindl. A bright and rewarding future awaits them.

Elite del Gusto is in via Cardito in Ariano Irpino (square in front of the correctional facility)

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