Scapicchio, il più antico Barber Shop al mondo sceglie Eternal Parquet

There are really long stories ... which often intertwine with other stories ... Sitting in the same armchair that saw Al Capone and Kennedy intent on shaving is truly suggestive, we are talking about the oldest Barber Shop in existence today with almost 200 years of history at shoulders and the world's only Vintage Beard and Razor Sharpening Academy. The Scapicchio family set up their first workshop in Bovino in 1820 and their skill went around the world, from New York to Via Montenapoleone. Today Scapicchio is the absolute excellence in terms of beards, a beard in their salon is not for everyone and is done with ancient techniques and precise vintage Japanese razors.

Just as making beards is an art, at the same time it is an art  find and lay a wooden floor that is one with the environment in which it will be placed.

Eternal Parquet welcomed with great pride the design of their floors and new openings such as the next one in Deliceto and hopefully in the future also in Ariano Irpino. We have chosen planks with an antique flavour, very natural and with a great scenic impact, for them. We will soon start the work and…of course you will see our installers at work.

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